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Interoperability HUB

Following a successful award of the public procurement, ATI is prepared to offer license plate matching for previously unmatched toll transactions to member agencies. The HUB is designed to be a flexible, affordable option for interoperability between states. Transponder matching will be available in the near future. For more information and pricing please contact the ATI office.

ATI EZPass AAMVA DMV Working Group

To promote education to both toll agencies and DMV groups on the process of LP look ups, tolling, finding assistance, regional outreach and unique barriers between reciprocity. This working group is focused on engaging toll operators and DMV heads to encourage conversation and to reach out to legislatures on the importance of system communication.

RFID Certification

Partnership between ATI, IBTTA, I-95 Corridor Coalition, OmniAir, E-ZPass Group and NCDOT to establish Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) standards for reliability, readability etc, and test/rate RFID protocols against the established standards.

Regional Interstate Violation Enforcement Reciprocity (RIVER)

In an effort to expand state-to-state conversation concerning Regional Interstate Violation Enforcement Reciprocity, ATI worked with groups and agencies across North America to develop a template legislative language for future agreements. ATI is working to assist interested states by providing details on the New England reciprocity experience, intentionally reach out to other regions to gauge and cultivate interest in expanding reciprocity agreements, and to encourage regional collaboration between groups engaging in agreements.

IBTTA National Interoperability Coordination Group

A senior toll facility management group representing different regions of the US and multiple Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) systems, protocols and business rules, this group is focused on developing standards and business rules for Back Office, Roadside, Communications & Marketing, and Governance. For additional information please visit:

Annual Meeting

ATI holds an annual meeting for the tolling and transportation industry. The goal of this meeting is to promote discussion between agency personnel, consultants and vendors on prominent topics of interest. This meeting provides the opportunity for networking, collaboration and information sharing between the groups in a discussion-based format. For additional information please contact the ATI office.

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