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About ATI

Mission Statement:

Promoting and implementing interstate interoperability for the benefit of customers and member agencies.

Current Initiatives

  • Regional & national toll interoperability programs
  • Violation Enforcement Reciprocity
  • RFID Certification
  • DMV plate exchange & state legislation
  • Interoperability HUB

ATI Goals and Objectives:

  • Establish interstate customer video tolling and interoperability.
  • Establish protocols and systems that allow for secure sharing of vehicle information.
  • Develop and support policies and legislation that allow for secure information sharing and interoperability.
  • Investigate RFID toll technology interoperability.
  • Assist agencies with the implementation of interoperability technology and planning for future innovations.
  • Provide resources and guidance to agencies to develop operating rules and procedures in an interoperable environment.
  • Promote cost effective and efficient toll operation standards.
  • Improve the tolling experience for customers and preserve the public trust.

Improving Accuracy in All Electronic Tolling Interoperability:

The toll industry has undergone significant changes in recent years. Nearly all toll agencies in the United States are now using radio frequency identification (RFID) for electronic toll collection (ETC), in conjunction with traditional cash toll collection systems. However, as the toll industry strives to better meet customer demand for efficiency and safety, many toll agencies are planning for or have implemented All Electronic Tolling (AET), eliminating cash lanes altogether.

This shift in operating procedures places a heavier weight on video image capture technology for infrequent customers and pursuing toll violators. As a leader in the toll industry, ATI understands the increased importance of providing road users, both registered customers and non-registered customers, an opportunity to pay their tolls after using an AET toll system. ATI also understands that to maintain public trust, toll agencies need to hold accountable those drivers who refuse to pay their toll. To achieve this, toll agencies need accurate and accessible vehicle information, which is critical to cost effective and successful toll programs.

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